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Professional Self Care for Therapists

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We support therapists in Private Practice by offering courses, community and customisable paperwork templates. 

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I am an Integrative Psychotherapist in Private Practice based in London. I have been providing online and telephone therapy for over 10 years and since Covid-19, moved my hybrid practice to 100% online.

I host a community space for counsellors and psychotherapists on Facebook called The Private Practice Community UK, where we collaborate and connect with each other.

I am passionate about researching ethical guidelines and providing clear, professional, lawyer approved document templates that support clients at their most vulnerable moments, help Therapists to feel confident and prepared AND protect our Private Practices.

Thanks for joining me!

What people are saying:

This programme has been the most awesome training I have attended.

It was engaging, inspiring, supportive, hugely confidence building, experiential and most of all, a lot of fun. I learnt things I didn’t even know I needed to learn, such as producing live video clips and creating an inviting therapy corner. All questions and concerns were considered with respect and validation.

CherylAnn Stewart  //  Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

This truly is a life changing programme of learning which one would never have imagined possible to create online.

Tamara Howell is extremely professional in the way this interactive live course is delivered. She is a hands on, warm caring instructor who allows participants to work at their own pace and creates space within the course for participants to do this.

Liese Weatherspoon  //  Counsellor & Wellbeing Adviser BA (Hons) MBACP

Get Started With Paperwork!

Our Paperwork Shop offers lawyer reviewed policy templates for counsellors and psychotherapists building Private Practices with the highest standard of professionalism. 

Our documents can be adapted and customised to suit any practice worldwide, including Private Practices of Doctors and other Medical Practitioners, Coaches, Nutritionists and Physical Therapists.

Find out more about Online & Telephone Therapy

You're excited to learn more about how to create your online practice and really LOVE working at distance.

You're ready to build your work around the life you want to live and LOVE the balance and freedom Online Therapy offers.

Craft your Private Practice Vision with Tamara in Learn to Love Online Therapy: The Experiential Programme.

The Switch:

In Person to Online

When the Covid-19 lockdown came into effect, you may have realised that although you completed hours and hours of webinars and self study, you were not completely convinced that distance therapy was for you. 

You might still feel that Telehealth is the poor cousin of In Person Therapy, despite it having gained legitimacy amongst practitioners and clients alike. You're dreading more Zoom calls, staring at the bright screen and squishing yourself into the corner of the spare room. Maybe you are itching to get back in the therapy room with clients even though you wish you could learn to love working online.

I remember that feeling! I moved from London to Paris in 2012 and kept my fledgling practice going from the kitchen of my tiny studio, with glitchy internet and a fridge in the background.

My supervisor gently suggested more training and after an experiential course, I have never looked back. Experiential training is what changed everything for me and that is what inspired me to support other practitioners in their discovery of how online therapy can exponentially benefit both the Therapist and the Client.

Whether we go back to our offices or not, Online Therapy is here to stay. 

Elevate Your Practice

The Complete Document Suite for Counsellors & Psychotherapists

Whether you are moving into private practice or established in the field already, this selection of documents will support you in providing an exceptional standard of professionalism.

We provide customisable templates, scripts, plans, forms and worksheets so that you can focus on being present with your clients whilst building your business.

With over 25 documents, your Standard Operating Procedures become streamlined and you can be confident that your policies and procedures are protecting your clients and your practice.

You might like to read my blog...

I send out weekly or fortnightly emails that are a bit like blogs.

Some are free resources and wordings, some are notices of trainings and some are just musings and practical ideas for private practice.

If you would like to read them, grab a free checklist and join the community.

This is a fantastic course for any counsellor/psychotherapist who is working online, particularly if you're not enjoying it yet.

Tamara has worked so hard to create a course that's a perfect balance of informative and inspirational. A real sense of community developed among the participants, and Tamara was always on hand to give advice and encouragement.

Laura Simmons  //  Counsellor and Supervisor

This course gave me so much more than I could have thought, and hoped for, as someone who already works online.

I signed up to review my practice and documents, however, Tamara, has given me so much more within this course by sharing her knowledge, expertise, demonstration, being open and honest throughout the course, allowing me to share in confidence with the peer group support, all this has enabled me to take my online practice forward beyond what I thought possible.

Laura Clifford-Jones  //  Pluralistic Counsellor, Coach & Trainer