Guidance Sheet for Clients

This is a letter and guidance sheet for clients new to Online and Telephone Therapy to help them adjust to the change or learn a bit about it before logging onto a call.

It is completely customisable to suit your practice needs and you can change any of the language, add any images and format any of the presentation.


This contains a letter for clients explaining that you are moving your practice to the online environment and explains some of the Benefits, challenges and technical instructions. 


  • Explanation about switching to online therapy
  • Benefits of Online Therapy
  • Challenges of Online Therapy
  • Suggestions for privacy and comfort in sessions
  • Guidance and boundaries
  • Instructions for connection using a secure online platform e.g. Zoom
  • Reference to your Updated Contract
  • Invitation and Reassurance Statement

Editing Tip: Read your document out loud once you have edited it and record yourself on your phone. Listen back to see if it sounds like your usual language and change any bits that sound out fo the ordinary for you.