Private Practice

How to Write Your Cancellation Policy

5 Modules 22 Lessons


Many of us working in private practice struggle to set and explain clear cancellation terms. Our difficulties with deciding when to be flexible, how to remind clients or how to follow up after a late cancellation lead to unnecessary rupture and unfortunately in many instances, losing clients. Having clarity about our policies and practising how to deliver them can alleviate some of this stress so we can concentrate on doing our best work in session.

Starting therapy is usually a vulnerable and challenging time for most clients and through providing clear policies and documentation, we can create safety and security for them.

This free course takes you through considering and writing your cancellation policy step by step. We look at the function as well as exceptions, examples and challenges. We will create your own wordings for a cancellation agreement, templates for emails following a late cancellation or non attendance, and how to discuss cancellation with clients.

Our lawyer approved wording is included for you to adapt to your practice.