Private Practice Paperwork Tutorial

3 Modules 7 Lessons


This is Tutorial detailing the content and use of each of our documents available at Private Practice Paperwork. Instructions for downloading and editing templates are included as well as document descriptions for the following templates:

Client-Facing Documents

  • Welcome Pack Cover Page
  • Client Contact Details Form
  • Therapy Contract (Adult Clients)
  • Therapy Contract Summary Page (Adult Clients)
  • Online Therapy Agreement (Adult Clients)
  • Returning to In Person Practice (Post-Lockdown) Appendix
  • Client Safety Worksheet

Privacy Bundle

  • GDPR Privacy Notice for Clients
  • GDPR Internal Policies
  • Email Footer

Referral Bundle

  • Release of Information Form
  • Referral Acknowledgement
  • Progress Report
  • Discharge Summary

Payment Bundle

  • Invoice/Receipt Template
  • Reduced Fee Agreement
  • Third Party Payment
  • Private Health Insurance Reimbursement

Internal Intake  Bundle

  • Screening Call Template and Script
  • Intake Assessment
  • Treatment Plan Template
  • Clinical Session Note Template

Clinical Will Bundle

  • Therapist Workbook – Clinical Will Preparation
  • Clinical Will Template
  • Executor Pages
  • Supporting Information

Returning to In Person Practice (Post-Lockdown)

  • Risk Assessment
  • Post-Lockdown Contract Appendix
  • Letter to Client with Updated Practice Information
  • Group Practice/Landlords’ letter to tenants
  • Letter to Clients informing them of remaining (or returning to) exclusively online on an ongoing basis
  • Email template wordings for various outcomes regarding risk exposure
  • Post Lockdown Checklist