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How to Start Your Online Therapy Group (Workshop Replay)

3 Modules 9 Lessons


In September 2020, Tamara Howell & Sarah Dosanjh offered a double workshop on the topic of How to Start Your Online Therapy Group.

How to Start Your Online Therapy Group

  • Do you wish therapy was accessible to more clients?
  • Have you thought about offering group therapy online, but don't know where to start?
  • Are you keen to practise your new technology skills (or develop more!) within the therapeutic space?
  • Would you like to know how to set up and market your group so potential clients can find you?

The videos are published inside this course and contain the following:

  • How to support more clients without increasing your client hours
  • The pitfalls of groupwork online and how to manage boundaries and ethical concerns
  • The key questions to ask when figuring out whether online group therapy is going to work for potential clients
  • How to help your ideal group clients find you

The premise of the workshop is that offering online groups may be a way to provide support to more clients with a more accessible and affordable format whilst also reducing burnout for Therapists. There are two videos totalling over five hours of the workshop and presentation (breakout groups have been excluded).