Private Practice

How to Write Your Psychology Today Profile

6 Modules 25 Lessons


Like many therapists, my clients come to me from two main sources: colleagues (doctors, therapists, treatment centres) and Psychology Today.

People who come to me via Psychology Today usually stay with me long term and I believe this is because by the time they find me, they already know we are well matched.

Writing style and key words can represent our personalities to potential clients. We can make the process of starting therapy, usually a vulnerable and challenging time for most, easier for potential clients by being clear about our procedures and policies.

This free course takes you through the whole Psychology Today profile step by step with examples from my own and other profiles to give you tips on what to include and what to avoid. We start with a brainstorming exercise, write your personal statement using my formula and finish with all the check boxes and supporting sections.

I stay up to date with PT features and update sections as and when I hear about them. This course now includes guidance for preparing your profile video and Covid-19 statement.

Disclaimer: I am a therapist in private practice and not affiliated with Psychology Today.