Switch to Online & Telephone Therapy

(Updated Policies following Covid-19)

This is a letter informing clients of moving over to Online & Telephone Therapy.  It could also be used by practitioners who are returning to Online & Telephone Therapy for health or safety reasons, due to exposure to the virus, mandatory quarantine or personal choice.

You can adapt it to suit your practice and add in images, links and any other relevant information.


You may like to send your Clients or use the text in an email informing them of a move to working Online or via the Telephone.

Many therapists updated or were flexible with Cancellation Policies during the distressing changes of 2020 in order to meet scheduling needs of both Clients and Therapists working from home. It may be helpful to remind Clients of your Cancellation Policy if you plan to amend or re-implement it.

We also include four templates for letter to Colleagues and Clients which may be useful if you are returning to In Person therapy or operating a blneded practice. If you or one of your Clients is exposed to the virus, these email templates will hopefully be useful so that you do not have to consider how to word your messages at what may be a stressful time.

You are welcome to adapt them for ongoing use, even if parts are no longer applicable due to changing regulations.