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Switch to Online Therapy Mini Workbook

Start Your Online Therapy Journey

Learn To Love Online Therapy

Mentorship, community, and a rigorous partner practice programme form the foundation of this transformative professional experience.

Join this group programme for all the guidance, paperwork and experiential training you need to craft a highly professional and ethical online practice that you LOVE.

This programme is not solitary. 

It is not just theoretical. 

It is experiential.

Through Partner Practice, you will have an authentic client experience to draw from as you develop and implement your therapeutic skills in the online environment.

We review and assess continuously so we can move beyond competency to develop mastery in our online practice.

How to Write Your

Psychology Today Profile

This FREE course takes you through the whole Psychology Today profile step by step with examples from my own and other profiles to give you tips on what to include and what to avoid.

We start with a brainstorming exercise, write the personal statement using my formula and finish with all the check boxes and supporting sections.

Sign up to learn how to stand out to the clients you work best with.

How to Write Your Cancellation Policy

So many of us struggle to set and explain clear cancellation terms.

Our difficulties with deciding when to be flexible, how to remind clients or follow up after a late cancellation lead to unnecessary rupture and unfortunately in many instances, losing clients.

This free course walks you through ethical guidelines, hypothetical scenarios and how to write your own policy by providing a lawyer reviewed template for you to adapt to your practice.

We can look after our own professional self care needs whilst also prioritising our clients.

How to Write Your

Therapy Contract

This course is a guide to writing your own contract.

I encourage everyone to spend time building the foundation of your practice by considering your policies in detail and creating paperwork that reflects your approach. I found my research on the topic of Therapy Contracts to be a transformative and enlightening experience which contributed to many changes in my practice policies and brought me confidence as a practitioner. Here I offer guidance and summaries of the work I did, to save you time and streamline your writing process.

This course is divided into audiovisual presentations, plus supporting text relating to ethical guidelines, references, template wordings and descriptions of my own practice procedures.

The course is available as a standalone product or as part of the Therapy Contract Document bundle.

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